The mission ofmedadvice.net Bolton Auto Centre, is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive MOT’s, Servicing & Repair Services in Bolton at affordable prices. We believe that the most important basis to establish with our customers medadvice.net is trust. It is, therefore, one of the goals of our firm to guarantee utmost trust, by giving 100% satisfaction to you by quality of workmanship, friendliness, time to completion and find ing other ways to exceed your expectations.

Here at Bolton Auto Centre, we provide the following services;

  • MOT classes 4 to 7
  • Servicing; For all cars and commercial vehicles
  • Repairs and replacements for; Brakes, Tyres, Exhausts

Whilst bookings are mainly dealt with, customers requiring an immediate response will also be welcomed.

We also benefit from installation of the latest diagnostic equipment, and regularly keep this updated, meaning that you, as our customers are at an advantage as your vehicles are assured to receive sufficient and swift attention, thanks to the way faults are rapidly detected.

We also believe that Bolton Auto Centre should implement the following values in order to ensure a strong customer base and a thriving business;

  1. To build a business that is customer focused and orientated, by instituting a program through rigorous evaluation of customer experience
  2. To retain existing customers and to find and retain new customers
  3. Provide customers with an honest and professional service
  4. To build a strong, long-lasting and vibrant business that will stand the test of time

Being an AutoCrew garage, we can also ensure vehicle drivers competent servicing and repairs for all vehicle makes and models. Furthermore, we also aim to fulfill the standards promised by AutoCrew which is that we are are committed to dealing in an honest, transparent and fair manner towards our customers. Click here for more information about AutoCrew.

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